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url], listen to the screams,

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MissatgePublicat: Ds Set 28, 2019 10:16 am    Assumpte: url], listen to the screams, Respondre citant

I ushered in the summer vacation and had the opportunity to go back to the country to live with my grandmother. Grandma��s home is large and there is a nice yard in front of the house. The yard is full, and my grandmother likes flowers and plants. However, in addition to the flowers and plants of the grandmother, it is not something that is difficult to do, we have to do it. If the weeding is not good, it will endanger the flowers and plants of the grandmother. Grandma's flowers and plants are not simple flowers and plants, and most of them are useful flowers and plants. Either repel mosquitoes or take medicine. Anyway, there is more use, but I can't remember all the uses, just remember how. In this way, under the scorching sun of July and August, I took a small shovel, and in the yard, Anan weeded. The whole yard was scribbling with my grandmother. So we two, it took about two hours to get the grass out of the yard almost. When we removed the weeds, the hot sun became less poisonous. At this time, Grandma took out her sour plum soup from the inside of the kitchen to avoid a lot of weeds. It's not that there is something wrong with weeds, but it's a little bit affecting the appearance, and the weeds are so lush, making people's actions somewhat inconvenient. Therefore, weeds will be removed sooner or later. This time I came back early, I also helped my grandmother to remove weeds. When I was a child, my favorite thing was this yard. My grandmother planted flowers and plants. I even took a name, so it is not difficult to identify weeds. It is only in addition to the weeds to be uprooted, but also in the summer, the sun is hot, people feel very hot, mosquitoes will be relatively more, not to mention the long weeds, and must wear long pants. Therefore, weeding in the yard has become a more difficult thing. One big and one small, carrying a small bench in front of the yard, drinking sour and sweet sour plum soup, looking at the clean and bright yard, can not help but feel a sense of accomplishment. After eating at night, my grandmother took out two cane chairs Online Cigarettes, one big and one small. Two people moved to the yard and quietly admired the moon. The moon is round and round, and some are lovely. Some people say that the moonlight is cold, but in the summer nights of the country, the moonlight is lovely and charming. I am very happy to be able to weed with my grandmother. Since I was a child, I liked my grandmother most. I just couldn't stay with her all the time. I can help her. I really feel very happy. On a quiet night, I secretly made up my mind that I would also weed the yard with my grandmother at this time of the year. Also watch the moonlight quietly at this time of the night. I want to come, there is no way to weed the yard in the city. I think those children born in the city must have experienced this kind of fun very rarely Cigarettes Online, maybe even never experienced it. I like the life in the village where my grandmother is. It is very tired, very simple, very plain, but also very fulfilling, very happy, very reassuring. Probably this is why, Dad always likes to talk about it. Quietly close your eyes, breathe the fresh air Marlboro Lights, listen to the screams, feel the charm of summer, and gradually approach, in the wonderful moonlight, in the clean yard, in Dad��s memories, in Grandma's gentle heart.
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