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According to the National Sleep Foundation more than thirty five percent of the average adult Americans today habitually gets less than the normal seven hours of sleep. Rather than to snooze this news to bed, remember that the planning a good nightĺs sleep may be a smart decision for you and your health. Now that it is the National Sleep Awareness Week, you will know that you wonĺt just experience daytime drowsiness in shortlisting yourself to a good seven to nine hours of nighttime sleep. You may suffer other possible health conditions that involve your endocrine and immune system, your cardiovascular system and your nervous system. Donĺt you know that there are fifty to seventy million Americans who suffer disorder like the commonly known insomnia and sleep apnea, this are just two of the known health issues that you get from bad sleeping habit. According to researchers there are more factors that affect our health due to lack of sleep, here are some of those health issues that you might encounter:

1. Bad sleeping habit results to bad appetite. According to the 2006 Institute of Medicine report, people who sleep less than seven hours have a high chance of being obese. This relates to the study that not getting enough sleep may trigger hunger hormones called ghreline: while leptine (hormones that suppresses the appetite) is lowered. Also, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found out that people who have sleep apnea and other sleeping disorder related diseases have a diet which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also stated that women are the ones affected by this disorder. The two common health issues these people may suffer from are diabetes. According to the Archives of Medicines 2005, people who get a five hour sleep are more likely to experience impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes when compared to those getting a seven to nine hours of sleep.

2. Accidents happen due to lack of sleep. This is common for elderly folks who are getting trouble in sleeping. Twenty percent of fatal carroad accidents involved sleepy drivers alone. There is also another twenty percent of pilots admit that they have serious errors because of lack of sleep. Elders too may meet accidents because of the loss of balance due to lack of sleep. They are prone to fall because of drowsiness during the day according to the Journal of Gerontology.

3. Learning behaviors may suffer. According to the Harvardĺs Womenĺs Health Watch proper sleep promotes a high probability of learning something fast. Researchers say that people who sleep after they review can do better on their test rather than those who cram at midnight. This is because the brain enough sleep can help the brain to store more information to the memory. The University of London Scientist states that if a person continuously gets below six hours of sleep have a brain that age as fast as four to seven years than it should be- thus, decreasing the ability to reason, loss of vocabulary, and cognitive decline.

4. Behavioral problems may happen to kids. Children who are suffering from insomnia, not getting enough sleep are most likely to have behavioral problems compared to those children who sleep early at night. These children may have tantrums that are uncontrollable and may have eating disorders. Attention deficit and hyper activity disorders may also happen (Archives of pediatric and adolescence).

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Business > JobWhere to find nanny jobs

Posted by malotgina in Business on June 13th, 2017

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