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about the afterlife, just

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MissatgePublicat: Dv Jul 19, 2019 9:31 am    Assumpte: about the afterlife, just Respondre citant

Every day, I am very happy, and every day the peace is very grateful, because no matter whether the heart is happy or not, I will not give up on you every day mokingusacigarettes.com. Don't be too convinced that it will only look at the void in heaven. You don't talk about the afterlife, just look at this life. This life is fortunate to be born in the south of the four seasons like spring, the beautiful farmland, there is a good opportunity to be close to the mountains and rivers in life, the eyes can see the source of the stream, hands and feet can be exiled in the mountains and rivers, the sound can penetrate every morning The fog, the ears can hear the leaves and flowers, the whispers of the insect ants whisper, the bird world screams that you are healthy and lively. The frequency of the heart fluctuates to feel lonely, happy, loving..., hey, hey, hey! The right hand touches the warmth of the left hand and the beat of the pulse, which is light and heavy, heavy and light! Because there is only one of you in this world, you are unique, you are just you. Breathe! Breathing deeply, there is nothing more important than it. You come to the world as a daughter, parents love you, pet you, always say that you are the smartest, in fact, because you are the weakest. When I was young Parliament Cigarettes, three days and three nights of high fever did not wake up, my mother held you, my father was with you, for fear that the moment I let go, I will lose forever and you finally chose to stay, comb the little girl, wear a small flower skirt, as intimate The little cotton jacket Cigarettes Online, turned off in the father's violent place, the mother's sorrow is soothing, never loves who is less because of their separation. And because you know how to get from there, who hurts you, who loves you, so that you can grow into a grown-up from a wild mountain head, and enjoy every gift of nature in this life Newport 100S, three hundred and sixty a year. Five days, ten years, twenty years, thirty years... In the days of life, I saw the sun rise and fall every day, shaking the rainbow of the stars, the world is so beautiful, how can we not cherish it. Meet you, or meet him, life is so beautiful, miss what you can complain, love what is ridiculous! You, tears have flowed, just dry it, smile is the most beautiful, don't let this life only remember your crying eyes Marlboro Gold. You have been afraid of the ignorant and unsuccessful future after the passing of time... It seems like the kind of fear that disappeared in the darkness, the fear of falling in the sky, and asked the mother not to be afraid? The mother looked up: "It's okay to live this life, because there are places where you come and go, and go to the place where you go, the rain will spill your face, the green leaves often touch your fingertips, and the sun and the moon, Where is not. The ultimate loss is to lose, you and I will not talk about the afterlife, this life can hold hands to cherish it, can not let go! Let the heart remember the people encountered in this life and all good.
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