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This article will explain how the Medicus trainer golf club facilitates the famous Stack and Tilt golf swing that has been very popular in recent years. In fact about a couple of dozen PGA Tour pros have adopted this swing technique. But first of all we need to discuss what the Stack and Tilt golf swing is and subsequently what are its advantages and disadvantages.

The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

In a nutshell Authentic Taven Bryan Jersey , the Stack and Tilt golf swing advocates that a golfer?s weight should remain toward the front and not shift to the back during the swing. Another way to look at it is that the head should remain in the same place during the swing. Some golfers have the tendency to ?sway? during the golf swing, and in fact this works for some players. But it can only be effective if the golfer can have his club hit the ground at the right spot consistently and if the proper weight transfer occurs which will allow the player to hit the ball squarely. In fact some teaching pros advocate moving the body backward during the swing, especially with the driver, and keeping the body weight and the head position behind the ball in order to generate more power.

The Stack and Tilt requires almost the opposite in body position. That is, most of the weight is on the left side, say perhaps 60 , and remains there during the backswing. If you can picture a stick being placed in the ground that touches the golfer?s left hip, his left side should remain touching against that stick throughout the swing. This would be for a right handed golfer, and the opposite would be the case for a lefty. If a player swings in such a fashion, his shoulders will be lined up vertically at the top of the backswing and ?stacked? over the left hip (again for a right handed golfer). Since the body has turned and the player?s back is more or less facing the target, his spine will necessarily tilt somewhat. So that is where the ?Stack and Tilt? expression comes from. It would seem to be easier to just think about keeping the head in the same place and making the swing after setting up with about 60 of the player?s weight on the front foot.

How Does the Medicus Trainer Facilitate the Stack and Tilt?

The Medicus trainer helps a golfer who wants to emulate the Stack and Tilt swing. The Medicus Trainer has been specifically designed to break, or become unhinged, at six different parts of the golf swing if swing faults occur. Here is an article that explains all six of these mechanisms in detail: Medicus Driver. The Medicus trainer aids in attaining a Stack and Tilt movement specifically at the moment of ball impact. That is, if the golfer?s weight is positioned too far behind the ball at impact the Medicus trainer will become unhinged. This would be a pretty weird feeling to have the club break just as the ball is being hit. I doubt most golfers would want to repeat that type of thing, and in that way the Medicus almost forces the golfer to correct his swing fault.

Why Bother With All This?

The Stack and Tilt swing was promoted to facilitate hitting the golf ball squarely. If the player?s weight is to the rear, it is possible he or she will not be able to successfully transfer weight to the left side (again, for a righty). The result is an open or closed clubface at impact, depending on how the player?s body tries to compensate for the error. However, some teaching pros feel that the Stack and Tilt approach is not for everyone. Some high handicap players have too much weight towards their front foot already, and they also do not have the athletic ability to get through the ball squarely. For those players the stack and tilt is a bad idea.
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Walt Ballenberger is web master for http:www.medicusdriver.info and several other golf web sites. Check out http:www.medicusdriver.infoMedicusDriverArticleIndex.htm for more info about Medicus.

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